Get Automatic Donations

1. Customized shopping site, branded to your nonprofit 

2. Browser Button: members shop as they normally do 

3. Personalized deals, direct to members’ inboxes

Everyone Benefits

• Best-in-class Shopping & Donation platform

• Secure & turnkey - Easycause manages everything

• Zero cost to nonprofit. Zero cost to the member.

Everyone wins!

The challenge for nonprofits

In today’s economy, nonprofits often struggle to find and maintain reliable revenue streams. At the same time, next-generation business models are rapidly changing the way consumers spend online. Is there an answer for your nonprofit in this model? Can you leverage your group's significant buying power to create a new donation stream?

Easycause is the answer!

The Easycause e-Shopping & Donation Platform is a dynamic self-generating source of revenue for nonprofits. Your membership's everyday online shopping automatically generates funds for your organization!

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Easycause is the Answer